What Is a Mother-In-Law Suite?

What is a Mother-in-law suite? In the lexicon of real estate, it refers to a residential space that has been designed especially for a wife or mother to be. Unlike a typical condominium that can be purchased under conventional real estate investing, these housing options are specifically designed with the intention of accommodating a family unit or two. Unlike a detached house, they do not possess the exuberance of open space and can be situated within a tightly framed gated compound, sometimes even within the boundaries of the family’s compound.

The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a Mother-in-law apartment is to make sure it fulfills the desired purposes for which it was designed. For example, if you intend to use the suite as a nanny office, then it must be in an area of the city where light rail is available and must be within walking distance of your home. If you are looking for a place to stay in case your spouse needs to work from home, then it would be preferable to locate such a place in a suburban area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. The planning process is more complicated if you wish to construct a detached house, because the dimensions of the lot and the square footage of the house itself have to be taken into consideration.

In many cases, architects build a detached house on the basis of an elaborate floor plan. The layout of the house is considered and a comprehensive design is created, usually incorporating multiple levels, which are usually conveyed through the main entrance and various doors and hallways. The concept of the Mother-in-law suite is much the same, but it is done on a smaller scale. A number of high-rise lofts in New York City have recently been constructed with an identical floor plan, but instead of the main entrance being up a staircase, it is located at the top of the attic. This method is suitable for lofts that are only accessible by elevators but for those who want to enter the loft directly, without the aid of stairs, it would not be possible.

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The concept of the mother-in-law suite is most often used in high-rise condos in Manhattan, where there is adequate access to all the amenities of the lower levels of the building, such as elevators to the ground floor. The top two floors of such high-rise condos may be converted into fully functional living spaces for residents, with additional facilities, including an office or guest room. For instance, the top floor of the lofts that are featured in the best New York City condo properties, may contain a spa, an outdoor swimming pool and/or a sunroom.

In other cases, the lofts in Manhattan may have separate living areas that can be accessed by elevators. For instance, one floor may contain a full bathroom with a separate entrance. Such a feature is not only ideal from a convenience perspective; it also helps create privacy. In the case of a family unit, a mother-in-law will find it convenient to avoid having to open her door every time guests come to visit. It is also a convenience that would make her feel at home even if she lives on the upper floors of the building. However, for singles, having a separate entrance could make living areas seem less intimate.

There are some homeowners, however, who prefer the idea of having a separate entrance and exit to their lofts. Such homeowners have different preferences and choices. For instance, some homeowners prefer to have a stand-alone suite, which means that the entire unit is its own separate unit, rather than being part of a complex that contains separate suites. In addition to having a stand-alone suite, there are other features that they might want to have. For instance, there are some homeowners who would prefer to have a second bathroom, and a kitchen or utility room attached to their mother-in-law suite.

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Other homeowners, however, do not want their lofts to look like cottages. Such individuals may want to choose multifunctional spaces that serve as both a home and an office. There are some lofts that feature a large kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and even a microwave oven; a laundry area with a dryer, washer and dryer, and a sitting area; and a spa or sauna. Multifunctional spaces are popular with aging parents and young professionals who work from home because they help them manage their time and provide a comfortable and homey atmosphere. The cost of such lofts depends on the number of features they have and their location.

Although lofts can accommodate two to four people comfortably, they can be designed to accommodate more when necessary. For example, an upstairs bedroom may convert into a daybed so that the senior couple can have their own bedtime activity room. The possibilities for a mother-in-law suite are virtually endless, and they only increase in size and complexity as the couple grows older and the children begin to outgrow their cribs and day beds. A custom-designed floor plan will allow you to incorporate your loved ones’ personal tastes while still staying within the confines of the floor plan you’ve chosen for the rest of the house.