The land developer, an indispensable real estate professional

Like all real estate professionals, the land developer also has a specific role. However, many people confuse them with a real estate developer. If you want to build a house, the subdivider is at your disposal to intervene on all lines. What is the job of a land developer?

The conditions to become a land developer

There is no specific training dedicated to the land developer. However, a Master II degree in financial layout allows you to start a career as a land developer. A person with a bachelor’s degree can also work in this profession, except that their knowledge is limited in some areas.

If you continue your studies and manage to complete the additional two years after your bachelor’s degree, you can benefit from a solid knowledge in this field. You will learn about other modules in land development, real estate economics, communication, etc.

In general, during your educational studies, the school asks you to practice your knowledge in the field. You will be required to complete internships with professionals, in order to familiarize yourself with real estate practices. During the internship, you can ask questions to launch your career as a land developer.

The duties of a land developer

The main function of a land developer is to buy land and resell it in lots. However, in between these two phases, the developer must ensure the development of the land. This operation commits him to make each lot into a buildable surface. In other words, the administrative and technical side of the plot must follow the standards.

As far as the administration is concerned, before putting a lot up for sale, the developer gathers all the relevant documents, including the building permit. This allows the future owner to legally build his home, office or commercial building.

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On a technical level, the developer has the obligation to develop each lot according to the standards. The lots must be buildable. Among his duties, he also takes care of the water and electricity supply. The goal is to transform the land into a habitable place. To achieve this, the developer must apply for a development permit. The sale of the lots will be easy if he accomplishes his mission well.

In addition to these missions, the developer also takes care of all legal matters. Indeed, he assumes some administrative steps, such as the application for a development permit, the creation of the subdivision with a surveyor and the development of the lot into a legally buildable surface.

The markets in land development and the salary of a land developer

In general, the land developer joins a specialized company to make use of his skills. He can choose a real estate development company, a property management company or a company specialized in the construction of individual housing. Some developers work in banking institutions.

Thus, if you want to exercise this profession, you must have dynamism, a great sense of responsibility, but especially a great availability.
A good physical condition is also beneficial for the exercise of this trade. You will be required to mobilize and work in the field.
The developers do not also work at fixed hours. They vary according to the availability of the customer who will visit the lot. So your schedule depends largely on the buyers’ schedule. If there is no visit, you take care of the administrative points.

Concerning the salary of a land developer, if you are a beginner who is starting your first experience, your salary is fixed at 2 000 euros per month. If you have already done this job, but wish to change your place of work, your gross salary is around 3,500 euros.

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