What Is the Purpose of Stump Grinding?

Most everyone has seen stump grinding, probably done in their back yard on a tree by an old man who likes to get his next project accomplished as quickly as possible. Stump grinding occurs when someone cracks open a large stump and drags in a big chunk of wood. Then they crack it again until the stump is totally consumed. They then dispose of the stump in the same way they would dump a log that has caught fire and burned down.

What is the purpose of stump grinding? Tree root removal is an odd process that doesn’t fit into anyone’s normal lifestyle. It takes time and requires a lot of specialized equipment. For example, most people have access to a chain saw, but it is not always appropriate to use one when trying to remove tree roots.

Another issue is expense. Tree removal equipment can cost thousands of dollars. Yet, tree removal can also be done for a fraction of the cost. There is no reason to hire expensive specialized equipment if you have a power saw. That is why stump grinding is done with a power saw. What is the purpose of stump grinding if you can simply use a chainsaw to cut down trees?

Stump grinding is very effective at removing tree roots, especially from above ground tree stands. This method can often remove the majority of the stump. It may take several attempts to completely remove all of it. If you are looking to save time, however, and want to finish the job as quickly as possible, you will likely choose to remove the stump yourself. Even if you do not know much about stump removal, you should be able to follow some simple steps to remove it safely.

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First, you must locate the stump. Once located, remove the dead stem and all of the roots. You should be able to see the stump from several feet away. If you cannot see it well, you can dig a small hole in the center and place the stump inside. Do not move the stump until all of the roots are removed.

Once the stump is removed, the next step in grinding is to see the exposed bark to get rid of the tree nuts or pruning sheath. Most commercial grade chainsaws come equipped with the power to grind tree stems and the appropriate bit. You will need to insert the chainaw into the hole you created and start grinding. Grinding should be slow enough that you do not damage any of the surrounding shrubs or grass. You may have to back-fill some of the holes if you make too many to get the job done.