Top Practical Tips to Clean Your Dryer Vent By Yourself

If you are reading this article then you are most probably looking for some top practical tips to clean your dryer vents. You might have noticed that dryer vents get very dirty and dusty over time. It may be time to invest in some new cleaners for your dryer vents as they will really help to keep them in tip top condition. The first thing that you will want to do is get your hands on a good steam cleaner. There are many different kinds of steam cleaners available to buy so you will need to decide which one is going to work the best for your dryer vents.

When you are using your dryer it is essential that you have a good quality steam cleaner. You will need one that is not too small for your vent or one that will reach the roof of the dryer vent. This is because it is these small gaps that allow all sorts of insects and other things to get into your dryer vents. To clean the vent areas of your dryer simply put the steamer up through the dryer vent hole. It is important that you use the right kind of steam cleaner with your vent. I have found that the Dual Action Steam Cleaner works the best.

The next tip is to always make sure that you clear away any clutter from your dryer vents as soon as you can. Anything that is too thick can be bad for your vent, this includes dried leaves and other twigs. Getting rid of these things as soon as possible will help to prevent any health problems.

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Another tip to use is to place towels on the outside of your dryer vents on a regular basis. Make sure that they are placed on each side of the vent so that they face outwards. Doing this can help to protect your dryer from any insects that might be around. You want to make sure that you also place heavy duty fans on the outside of your dryer vents.

The third tip that you should use is to never use harsh abrasive materials to clean your vent holes. To do this you should use feather duster sprays. These sprays come in handy because they do not damage the paint finish on your dryer. When you spray the exhaust the moisture will escape through the exhaust port and you will not damage your paint.

The fourth tip to use is to avoid using water with your dryer vents. If you do have a water leak, it is important that you use fans to try and combat the damage. It can often be more cost efficient to replace the dryer rather than trying to fix it. When you have a steam cleaner, it will be easier to keep your dryer vents clean.