Top 5 Kitchen Styles

The five most prominent styles of kitchen interior design currently is the Maslow, Island, Bauhaus and theotonin. In this article we explore the characteristics of each style and why you should consider choosing a particular design for your new modern kitchen. The first step is understanding the five basic design styles. All these styles have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Some of the top five styles include the following:

The most contemporary design style is the Maslow. This design style incorporates elements from all across the globe resulting in a “world within a world” type atmosphere. This type of design style focuses on a clean, uncluttered and sleek look and makes use of a large proportion of raw materials including stainless steel, glass, copper, tin, aluminum and wood.

The Island is another contemporary style that has a large proportion of stainless steel and raw materials and is characterized by a linear and symmetrical form. The Island is more about balance and symmetry than about form or structure. Home owners who use this style prefer simple designs that do not have too much detail. This style makes great use of natural light and creates a sense of space. Because this style is all about balance and symmetry, it does not have a lot of decorative elements. This style works best in traditional homes that do not have elaborate designs and use plain colours and simple furniture.

The Bauhaus is one of the most stylized designs of the century. It combines classic architecture with a modern twist and many people associate Bauhaus designs with the rich, famous and wealthy. A common characteristic of a Bauhaus home is its heavy use of metal and the use of bold, bright colours. These types of homes will often incorporate a lot of iron or wood-based furnishings.

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Theotonin is a design style that has been used for centuries in conjunction with Japanese art. This design style is very similar to the Bauhaus, but in this case, the end result is a more ornate and expensive type of furnishings. Unlike the Bauhaus, otonin homes are usually more spacious and well appointed.

The Japanese Zen design is an interior design style that is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Many experts agree that this style will probably become more mainstream in the coming years. Zen homes are characterized by a combination of natural materials and a strong connection between the environment and the person’s consciousness. There is no form or shape to the furniture and many times, a simple photograph of a Buddha can be found decorating the walls. This type of design is very calming and is commonly used by families who want a home that offers both serenity and peace.