Tips For Avoiding Damaging Items That Are Put Down the Drain

It is unfortunate that most people don’t know what things to put down the drain. For instance, you would think that it would be a very simple thing to say put all your toilet paper down the drain – after all, that is what you use the toilet paper for. However, there are a number of other items that you want to stay away from putting down the drain if you want to keep your home or office free of any leaking and seepage problems. Here is a list of a few things that you will want to avoid.

These are items such as hairbrushes, razors and electric drills. Yes, these are things that people use daily, but they are not good things to put down the drain. For one thing, they will put a lot of sludge and grime into the pipes. Worse yet, the grime and sludge can sometimes cause problems with the clogging in the drain pipe. It is much better to spend a little bit of time every month brushing your hair, or to schedule a routine cleaning that involves these items every few months.

Hairbrushes can be a real problem. These things can get stuck in the drain and then get tangled up with bits of hair and other things that have ended up in the pipe. This means that you may have to call a plumber or a locksmith to come out and take care of the problem. If you use an old toothbrush, you can easily dislodge things like plaque, hair and food particles and put them in the toilet bowl.

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Electric drills can also be a problem if you put some oil or wax in the pipe, and it leaks. First of all, the hole is already large enough for the drill to fit, and the wick is already burned out. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, you may end up with hot moisture filling the bathroom while you are trying to clean it. There is the chance that the wood float that you attach to the drill is cracked or dented, and you can end up ruining your new drill. Some things like this can be avoided by using caulk around the base of the drill, although this isn’t really a smart idea if you plan on drilling into concrete.

Flopping is one of the most annoying things that can happen while you are trying to drain something. If you have old rags lying around the house, try to toss some of them out for good. Old towels and bath robes can end up in the drain very quickly. In fact, one of the worst things that you can do is to use them to dry off your hands and feet after you finish taking a shower or doing your laundry. Some materials will dissolve in water, and this can be a health risk. Putting these items down the drain in the shower will just release all kinds of harmful chemicals into the air.

Putting things down the drain that shouldn’t be there is one of the most frustrating things that you can encounter. It is very easy to get rid of all of the things that should never be put down there, but you may not know how to put them back in the tank. This is especially true when you have to use the toilet in the bathroom. You want to make sure that the toilet bowl is always completely drained before you use it again to avoid causing a clog in your drain. There are many different things that you can do to prevent having to deal with drain clogs, so you should be able to prevent this type of problem from ever happening to you.

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