How Impact Rated Windows Protect Florida Homes From Hurricane Damage

If you own or rent a home in Florida, you need to know how impact rated windows help to protect your home. These windows are installed for hurricane protection and they can keep out intruders, the heat of the summer and even the rain. How impact rated windows protect Florida homes from getting hit is a little complicated so it is good to have a little information about this type of window before going out and making a decision. You want to make sure that your windows are able to stand up to all kinds of weather and then weather and time will not cause any problems with them.

The way that these windows work is that there are certain parts of the window that are concave and these allow the wind to blow through them and this will lower the inside temperatures of the home. So how impact rated windows protect Florida homes from being effected by a hurricane? The hurricane strength is a number that goes up and down depending on what is going on with the weather in the area. The higher number the hurricane wind speeds, the better protection that the windows give. If your windows are rated for winds of at least six miles an hour, then they will stay strong and withstand almost any kind of weather conditions that come your way.

A window that has a six mile per hour rating is made up of three layers so it will be able to withstand wind speeds of over sixty miles an hour. This is the number that will be on the label of your windows and it is important to get the proper windows for your home. If your windows are not rated for these winds, then they will not be able to withstand hurricane force winds, which would cause them to collapse. It is also worth mentioning that a window that is rated for only five miles an hour could still be hollow if it is hit by a direct blow of over seventy miles an hour, which can cause the entire structure to crumble.

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Your windows are also a good way to keep your home safe from other dangerous things that might be outside of your house. For instance, many times after a hurricane, trees will fall and break on homes. These falling objects can weigh quite a bit, and without the windows to protect the inside of your home, they can actually hurt people that are inside the structure.

How impact resistant your windows are, is also a big part of the question when it comes to rating windows. There are two main types of impact windows, the solid and the fiberglass tempered windows. The fiberglass windows are actually the better choice because they have a layer of foam within the glass that helps protect it from impact. If the foam layer is penetrated by wind, the windows will be able to bend and break rather than shattering. However, a solid frame will be damaged by impact.

So, if you want to know how impact rated windows protect Florida homes from wind damage, you should make sure that you purchase a quality product that is rated for your needs. You should also research the many options that you have available to you, because there is more than just one type of window. Wind is always going to be a factor, but you need to remember that the windows are only one way that the elements can harm your home. No matter what type of window you buy, there are many ways that wind can harm your home. If you aren’t protecting your windows, then you should start today by making sure that they are properly installed.

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