Designing Your Dream Home in 4 Steps

Designing your dream home is the best investment you can make for your lifetime. Not only will you be more comfortable and content in your home, but you will also be contributing to the improvement of the environment. Your home is an outward reflection of your innermost values. And as you start designing your dream home, you should always keep in mind the following steps: Research! This will help you ensure that your new home will fit in with the surrounding landscape and other neighborhoods.

Step One: Make a List of all the features you want in your new house. What is important to you? Is it the location? How much sun or shade do you need? Are there any particular features you’d like to include that are currently not available for your house?

Step Two: Draw your dream home on graph paper and try to incorporate your ideas into it. This will give you a good idea about how big your home will look. In this stage, you will also need to work out how many levels you would like your house to have. You need to work out whether your home would be suitable for children, for example.

Step Three: Use 3D computer graphics software and start designing your house. Remember to plan out all your rooms, including your garden and deck. When designing your home on paper first draw your garden on the paper and then add your finished garden on to your computer image. You can also use software like AutoCAD or some other program.

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Step Four: Draw your sketches on to pieces of wood or other surfaces. Use different coloured pencils and paints. If you want to make changes in your design, you could always start at the outside doors and work outward. Once you are happy with your design, you could go ahead and paint it. Remember to prime the paint for protection.

Step Four: Your design should be something you can live with. Always keep in mind that you are designing something new, so you need to think carefully about any design issues. After completion of each step, always take a few days to go over your new house before putting it up for sale.

Step Three: If you find any design flaws or problems with your home design, it’s important to discuss these with a home builders consultant. Find out if they will need to make any changes before construction begins. Usually they will suggest ways to solve potential problems before the building commences. This step should never be skipped.

Step Four: In the design process you have probably realised that the interior of your home is the most important part. Designers spend hours choosing the right colour palette for your walls and flooring. You must also consider the finish of your doors and windows. This step cannot be left until last because it is an essential part of the design process. Home builders use these finishes to give your home a finished look.