5 Garage Door Security Tips

Garage Door Security Systems has gone through a renaissance in recent years. Garage doors, which were once an afterthought for home security systems, are now being incorporated into overall home security planning. The most obvious example of this is the incorporation of home security systems like garage door security systems and deadbolts into the main entrance to a home. In fact, garage doors have become so much a part of the American dream house that a majority of new homes today, in North America, have them.

However, even with these examples of garage door security systems in place, one can never be too careful. The most common way that a person can get into a house is simply by breaking a window. For this reason, home owners should make sure that their garage door is properly secured. There are many simple garage door security tips that can be implemented to prevent this type of intrusions. These include:

One of the most popular and efficient garage door security tips is the installation of glass diffusers. These will visually separate the garage doors on either side of the door opening, which makes it harder for an intruder to peer through or hear him/her. Also, diffusers are extremely useful for areas where objects that could be dangerous, like broken bottles or other dangerous household items, might be placed.

The next of the garage door security tips that people should adhere to is the installation of a numeric keypad. It is especially effective if the system that is used does not require the presence of a representative to arm and disarm the system. For those types of security systems that are hard wired, the installation of a numeric keypad is particularly advantageous because it will allow a homeowner to arm/disarm the system without looking at a bulky security code. Many people who have tried to arm/ disarm their home security systems have found that the numeric keypad is the easiest way to do so. Also, these systems typically come with a wireless keypad that makes it easy to arm/disarm the system without looking at one of the bulky security codes.

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In addition to installing a secure garage door opener, it is also important to install a motion detector. These detectors will detect intruders when they attempt to open the garage door. This is particularly effective for those who have elderly or disabled relatives living alone. If the motion detector is not installed properly, the alarms will not be triggered and will not be able to effectively protect the residence.

Finally, another of the many garage door security tips involves the use of deadbolts on all exterior doors in the garage. This will significantly reduce the chances that a burglar will gain access to the garage as it is nearly impossible to gain access to the interior of a garage door. Many homes that are equipped with deadbolts will be protected from forced entry. However, if the garage is attached to the house, it is important to use deadbolts on all exterior doors. This will ensure that the house is much more difficult to burglarize.