4 Reasons So Many Are Installing Solar Pool Heaters

Why are so many people choosing solar pool heaters these days? It seems like every time there is a lull in the weather, people are reminded that winter is soon to rear its ugly head. It is then that they start packing their bags and getting out their swimming pool chemicals in preparation for the long cold, winter months. However, why wait?

Did you know that solar pool heaters are now available to take advantage of those pre-winter lulls in weather? There is really no better way to enjoy a nice, relaxing swim in the pool during the colder times of the year. This is especially true when you can do so without having to worry about running out of the chemicals and risking getting your pool burned. And, when it comes right down to it, isn’t it more affordable to have a solar pool heater anyway? Why pay an electric bill when you can rely on free and clean energy? In this article we will answer that question and much more!

One of the first reasons so many are installing solar pool heaters is to save money. Yes, the cost of electric heaters can drain your wallet pretty quickly. If you were to install a portable solar pool heater, however, that would not be an issue. These devices take up minimal space and can easily be accommodated in your swimming pool even on the smallest deck or patio.

Second, using a solar pool heater can help to reduce your carbon footprint. This is another great reason to invest in one. A solar pool heater burns no fuel at all, thus reducing your carbon footprint significantly. You can also count on recycling when you use a solar pool heater as it absorbs light energy from the sun, which is then turned into usable electricity within the solar power generator device.

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Third, by using these types of heaters, you are also doing your part to help save the planet. Solar heaters do not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. They use the sun’s energy to provide heat for your pool. That means you are helping to eliminate air pollution caused by other types of heaters. And since many people are beginning to recognize the importance of going “green,” there is no end in sight for people using less electric power to heat their pools.

And finally, solar heaters are just plain fun to have around the pool. These devices look fantastic floating on the water and they are super easy to operate. No wonder why they have become such a big hit with homeowners all over the world. You have several different options to choose from and many stores carry them both locally and online. Take a look today at the benefits these solar pool heaters offer and you may find yourself thinking about adding one as soon as the next cold season begins!